Don't Panic!

1630 Duvall Ave Ne / Renton Wa

$45 Diagnostics ~ Flat rates on most repairs

Monday - Friday 10-7 ~ Saturday 11-6 425.647.9606

Yes, we also repair desktops!

$35 Desktop Diagnostics ~ While we specialize in laptop repair, we also provide full service for your desktop computer. Whether it's problems with peripherals or noisy fans or unexpected shutdowns, we've got you covered. And, with every check-in your computer receives a free cleaning to remove the pesky dust buildup that can lead to most hardware failures.

Data Recovery Services

Accidentally delete an important file? Hard drive crash and all your data is lost? Have an old laptop or desktop that you're ready to pitch but want your stuff off of it? If it spins up we can get it back for you! We also perform expert secure data disposal - want to be sure that data can never be recovered again even if the device is taken to a data retrieval center? We can securely snuff all traces of that data away forever!

Fast Screen Repair

We offer fast screen repair for all models of laptop and an average 48-hour turnaround on repair. Our flat rates includes labor, replacement part and disposal of your old screen. We also have reasonable flat rates for tablets!


Veteran and Educator discounts

We greatly value our nations veterans and educators. Respectively, we extend a 15% discount to all veterans and a 10% discount to all educators on all services. We also extend special discounts to students and youth organizations.